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BI Series Birm Home Water Filter

The BI Series Birm home water filter is efficient, programmable and reliable. Perfect for your family and home!

  • Chemical Free Operation for low maintenance costs
  • Reduces Iron and Manganese in your home water
  • Digital Display and System set up specifically to your home’s water quality
  • Programmable Backwash Control for years of trouble free performance
  • Super Capacitor that eliminates the need for replaceable batteries
  • NSF approved non-corrosive poly glass tank for increased durability NOVRAM Electronic
  • Memory that resumes immediate operation following power failure
  • High flow distribution system which allows minimal pressure loss.


  • 20 to 120 PSI Water Pressure
  • 35ºF degrees to 100ºF
  • 120 volt/60Hz

Home Water Filter Warranty:

A limited warranty applies to the following components of the BI Series Birm home water filter as indicated, provided the water filter equipment is operated within the specified physical properties of each component.

Poly Glass Media Tank – 10 years
Control Valve – 5 years

These conditioners will not purify or make your water safe to drink. Product improvements and design changes subject to changes without notice.


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