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The CD Series Home Water Filter Systems

The activated carbon filters in the CD Series Home Water Filter System are engineered to remove unwanted taste, odor, and chlorine from your home’s water supply. This black granular filter carbon is distinguished by its rugged grain structure and high density. The internal structure of the CD Series Home Water Filter System grain consists of a balanced proportion of large to small diameter pores. The pores absorb and retain taste, odor, and chlorine contained in many residential water supplies. Water should be relatively free of suspended matter and iron for maximum service life. A high pH will not cause Activated Carbon to throw color or decrease in activity. Automatic Periodic backwashing is done to eliminate accumulated suspended matter and reclassify the bed. When total capacity is exhausted, it is necessary to replace the Activated Carbon. Replacement frequencies of the CD Series Home Water Filter System are determined by severity of inlet water quality.



  • Automatic 5-Cycle Control Valve constructed of non-corrosive Noryl.
  • Day timer assembly that automatically controls the regeneration cycle frequency.
  • Automatic raw water by-pass during the regeneration cycle.
  • Non-corrosive fibrglass mineral tank.
  • All internal filter component parts are constructed of approved PVC or ABS.
  • 12 Volt wall-mounted transformer.
  • Wisconsin State Approval.


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