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The Liberator Odor Reduction Water Filter

Diamond H2O's versatile Liberator™ series of water filters remove sulfur odors and iron from your home's drinking water. They also sanitize your home's water by killing sulfur and iron-related bacteria. Configured for your specific residential water quality, these water filter systems are sophisticated, reliable and easy to maintain.


Efficient, Programmable Water Filtration System

  • Solid-State Programmable Control for years of trouble free water filter performance.
  • Electronic memory system so filtration system resumes immediate operation following power failure.
  • System set up specific to your home's water quality.
  • Allows control of duration & frequency of system operation.
  • Provides flexibility of overriding and/or capacity based regenerations for optimized water filter system performance.

Extra Large Water System Capacity

  • 80ga. Retention Tank to ensure superior contact time.
  • 35ga. Solution Tank for maximum storage and reduced maintenance.

Advanced Automated Filtration System

  • Automated chemical injection system delivers constant chemical feed.
  • Chemical Pump will automatically retain its prime following replacement of empty chemical supply tank.
  • Consistent performance aided by the easy to read measurement lines for easy and reliable fill quantities.


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