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The Microline Home Drinking Water System

The Microline Home Drinking Water System employs Reverse Osmosis technology as a secret weapon against contaminated water. Reverse Osmosis seems technical, but it’s really an organic process that happens on a regular basis in the natural world. Plants of all kinds, including flowers and trees use the process of osmosis to draw nutrients and water from the soil. With the Microline Drinking Water System, your home’s water is forced through the semi permeable membrane of the Microline Water System. This membrane separates your family’s home drinking water at a molecular level, isolating contaminants within the water and stripping them until it becomes purer. This water filtration technique substantially reduces the contaminants and dissolved solids in your home’s water supply through reverse osmosis. With a Microline Home Drinking Water System you’ll provide your family with clean, pure , delicious tasting water. Contact Diamond H2O for more information on the Microline Home Drinking Water System today!

Another secret weapon of the Microline Drinking Water System is its innovative technology.  The patented manifold plate directs the flow of your home’s water through the system’s filration process. The manifold plate makes the design of the system simpler because it eliminates the need for separate connections between the filtration stages. Simple, yet effective technology has been the foundation of the Microline Home Drinking Water Systems for over 50 years.
The Microline Drinking Water System was designed to deliver delicious, pure reverse osmosis water while producing less waste. When the water system’s holding tank is full, the shut–off mechanism is automatically activated, signaling the Microline system to stop filtering your home’s water  until more is needed. The high quality residential water produced by  the Microline Drinking Water System  is thanks to over 50 years of water treatment experience, innovative technologies and a long–standing commitment to excellence and quality.


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