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The Reliant Series Home Water Softener System

The Reliant Water Softener is designed to keep up with your household’s daily fluctuations of water usage while maintaining efficient operation.  The Reliant Series home water softener utilizes advanced water softening technology that provides your family with savings of up to $1,100 annually. The Reliant Series also has:

  • Six models to choose from
  • Simplified electronic, fully programmable regeneration control that allows you or your installer to easily program your Reliant home water softener to accommodate your specific water hardness
  • A 28 day water usage memory that automatically adjusts its reserve capacity to accommodate for a home’s individual water use fluctuations
  • Front mounted touch key pad for easy accessibility and use
  • Large, easy to read display which alternates between Time of Day and Gallons Remaining
  • A Calendar Override option which allows you to regenerate your home's water softener system based on days between regenerations
  • NOVRAM electronic memory, which stores critical operating data during power failures, allowing the residential water softener system to resume efficient operation when power is restored


The Reliant Home Water Softener’s valve body, meter module and bypass body are molded from glass reinforced Noryl® for non-corrosive, UV resistant strength and durability.

  • Duraflow™ valve disc technology utilizes a frictionless seal which provides long water softener service life, even when sediment and/or debris are present
  • Sight glass/air check eliminates disturbing air hammer after regeneration
  • Easy access turbine meter
  • Time proven break away valve body allows for efficient service, especially in locations that are difficult to access
  • Full flow, easy to use bypass assembly
  • Inlet and outlet plumbing connections are available in 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" copper or CPVC



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