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Reliant XL High Flow Home Water Softener

Designed for homes with higher water usage needs, the Reliant XL High Flow Home Water Softener offers homeowners savings of over $1,000 every year. The high efficiency  "set it and forget it" control system of the Reliant XL High Flow Home Water Softener dramatically lowers the costs of salt and home water usage.

The High Flow Reliant XL High Flow Home Water Softener now also offers fully programmable regeneration cycles which allow you to fine tune your water conditioning system's operation to your family’s unique water quality needs.

The Reliant XL High Flow Home Water Softener offers these features:

  • Automatic or manual double regenerations to ensure that an exhausted bed is always completely regenerated.
  • Superior flow rate for your home water.
  • 28 day water use memory allows the High Flow Reliant XL Home Water Softener to automatically self-adjust its reserve to accommodate individual water use .
  • Programmable soft water brining capability.
  • Easy touch, front mounted keypad features large buttons for convenient access.
  • Large, easy to read display that automatically alternates between time of day and gallons remaining.
  • Separate time of day and time of regeneration settings simplify programming.
  • Calendar override automatically regenerates the system at your pre-set interval if water usage hasn't initiated a regeneration.
  • NOVRAM electronic memory stores critical operating information during a power outage so the water softener system can automatically resume operation when power is restored.
  • Super capacitor that can be charged to store electrical power.
  • Guest regenerations can be initiated manually.
  • Solid state electronics ensure many years of trouble-free water softener performance.


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